Home Inspections and COVID-19

We are thankful to have served our community for over 13 years and we understand the challenges and difficulties COVID-19 has caused. Customer service, and safety, have always been our priorities. We are continuing to inspect houses, but with different parameters designed to protect you, us and general business functions in North Carolina.


At this time, we will not allow other people in the home while we are conducting the inspection. We recommend you not attend any part of the inspection. However, if you insist on meeting us at the end of the inspection, we will meet outside of the home and maintain social distancing. We prefer that only one or two adults meet with us. If kids need to be present, please have them wait in your vehicle. If anyone in your household has been sick with ANY illness within the past 14 days, or has any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend the inspection. Remember that we are always available for questions by email or phone after the inspection. After we leave the home, you are welcome to enter with your Realtor if he or she is amenable to that.

Listing Agents / Homeowners

We understand the inconvenience of leaving your home during this time, but it is necessary to keep all of us safe. If you need a place to go, other than a store, many parks are open.

  • 1. Please ask owners/occupants if they have: A) any symptoms of COVID-19 illness, B) if they've had contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or has COVID-19 symptoms, in the past 14 days, C) if they have a loss of sense of smell or taste (early warning signs of COVID-19). Please reply via email confirming a yes or no after conversing with owners/occupants.

  • 2. We will not inspect the home with any occupants or other persons in the home (owner/occupants, buyer's agent, buyer). Owners/occupants can stay in the home while we inspect the exterior and crawl space (where applicable). We can inspect the exterior and crawl space first, then the exterior, or the other way around to reduce the inconvenience. Contact us if they would like to work something out during our scheduled inspection time.

  • 3. We will use a new pair of nitrile gloves during the interior inspection, will use new shoe covers, will practice good personal hygiene and we clean all tools with 70% IPA that are used inside of the home between inspections.

  • 4. Conversely, if we have any symptoms of illness, we will alert you immediately.

Builder One Year Warranty Home inspections

Please call to discuss options for completing your one year, or 11 month, warranty inspection.

Feel free to call for additional information or to schedule a home inspection. Call now to schedule an appointment: (919) 550-6656 or send an E-Mail by clicking here.