Radon Testing in Clayton and Raleigh areas

We use accurate electronic 48-hour radon testing equipment and all testing follows EPA Radon testing protacols. We do not use charcoal canisters as they are only accurate to within 20% and are sensitive to temperature and humidity.

The following are common questions:

Q. What is Radon?

A: Radon is a cancer-causing radio-active gas that cannot be seen or smelled and is present in North Carolina. It comes from the earth and can permeate into living spaces of a house.

Q. Should I have my home tested for Radon?

A. Yes, the EPA strongly recommends testing on every home. During our Radon testing in Raleigh, and surrounding areas in Wake County and other counties, we have found many homes that have several times the EPA's limit.

Q. Why is Raleigh Radon a concern?

A. According to the EPA, Radon is the number two cause of lung cancer, right behind smoking. Smoking actually amplifies the risk of lung cancer.

Q: How can my home, or the one I am about to purchase be tested?

A: Clear Choice Home Inspections can perform the non-invasive testing quickly and inexpensively. This process involves placing our testing equipment at the home, picking it up approximately 48 hours later, then downloading data from the equipment. Your results will be reported in via email.

Q: How much does Radon testing or Inspection cost?

A: Our testing costs just $125, a small price to pay for peace of mind for you and your family. Our fee includes a trip back to the home to remove the equipment and providing you with a report.

Q: What happens if the home has high levels of Radon?

A: There are several Radon mitigation companies in the Raleigh area and they can install a continuous venting system to lower the Radon levels. The cost can range from approximately $800 to over $2,000. This is another great reason to have a Wake or Johnston County home tested for Radon - you can ask the seller to pay for the mitigation. Test before you purchase the property. This is much better than you paying for mitigation years later when you sell the house.

Well Water testing in Johnston and Wake Counties

We use accurate electronic 48-hour radon testing equipment. We do not use charcoal canisters as they are only accurate to within 20% and are sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Please call (919) 550-6656 to schedule a Home Inspection / Radon test or if you have any questions about the Home Inspection process.

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